100+ Miami Wedding Venues (Updated for 2020)

100+ Miami Wedding Venues

Miami offers an amazing variety of absolutely unforgettable wedding venues. From elegant and sophisticated to rustic and unique, our Magic City has it all. Selecting a perfect wedding venue should be enjoyable and fun for a couple. Below you will find a list of 100+ Miami wedding venues to choose from alongside with few important tips to make your selection go smooth.

Miami wedding venues

Plan Ahead

Most popular and trendy wedding venues get booked very fast. If you wish to have a better variety of venues to choose from, plan on starting you selection process 12 to 24 month ahead of your desired wedding day. If you always dreamed to be married in a specific venue at the peak of the wedding season then please be prepared to give yourself even more time.

Budget,Guest Count and Your Wedding Day

There are few lucky people with an unlimited budget for their perfect wedding, for the rest of us it will require a very unique balancing act to fit everything you ever wanted into everything you ever dreamed of. Start with checking your bank account for savings, ask your parents if they saved for your special day, possibly start a wedding day fundraiser and come up with a ballpark figure that you can spend. Guest count can limit your selection of possible wedding venues and can certainly affect your budget. Get on it as soon as possible. Want to get married on a auspicious day? Then don't delay on your next step.

Select Favorite Locations & Book Appointments

Let's be realistic. It will require considerable effort to coordinate all the walk-throughs , calculate all expenses and determine pros and cons. Pick your favorite 3 spots if you're planning to do it on your own or seriously consider spending some of your budget on hiring a wedding planner. Always dream big but only visit places that are within your budget.

Ask the Following Important Questions

  1. Is wedding venue available on the wedding day you selected?
  2. What's the rental price and what exactly included in the price?
  3. How many events can be scheduled on the same day at the wedding venue?
  4. Can the venue accommodated the wedding ceremony or only wedding reception?
  5. Does the wedding venue offers indoor an outdoor options and what is contingency plan for a rainy day?
  6. Is furniture provided, rented in house or need to be rented from outside vendor
  7. What are the options for food catering?
  8. Are there any alcohol restrictions?
  9. Ask about music accommodation restrictions, like DJ, live band, dance floor, lights & sound system
  10. Parking options. Valet or self parking available?
  11. Overnights accommodation on the property or nearby hotels?

One Last Thing to Consider

Wedding is celebration of love with your family and friends. Great parties are simply enhanced by spectacular venues but the true party spirit comes from within the group you will invite to celebrate your love. Our wedding photographers would be delighted to capture your raw and genuine love . Have an amazing celebration!

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