5 Event Photography Tips to Capture Compelling Images

5 Event Photography Tips to Capture Compelling Images

One of the major concerns to all live event organizers is having a bad image on the promotional materials, which dulls the ticket sales. Too often, they haven't realized a poor image has been selected until it's brought to their attention from others. Hiring a good event photographer will help to capture a compelling image on the front cover of the promotional materials, which transforms the casual onlooker into a paying attendee to the scheduled event. Yes, a good compelling image can be effective, but a great compelling image can speak in volumes pertaining to ticket sales.

Event photography is the most accessible genre in the industry today. A successful event photographer must get creative and have a keen eye to capture the natural actions of others without their knowledge. Some call it having a vision or the talent needed to become a highly sought-after event photographer. Still, everyone can fall into a rut and need some event photography tips to capture compelling images from a fellow colleague.

Following these  5 tips will help gain better action photos that help your client to sell more event tickets:

Compelling Images Have a Key Message

Most successful event photographers keep distractions to a minimum. This means having an excellent line of communication with their client as this will help you to better convey their messages in the form of pictures. Better communication helps to frame all images and remove any threat of conflict or competing with the event's subject matter.

When setting up your equipment for an event photography shoot, think of capturing all images in the rules of third. This means dividing the frame into threes as this allows the focal point of the photo to be more compelling. Try capturing all images at more unique angles, which gives viewers a different, more honest perspective of the event at the same time. Thus, capturing a more compelling photograph.

Use Natural Light as Much as Possible

If you find yourself in an area that showcases natural lighting, take full advantage of the opportunity. It might be in a location of the site where sunlight comes through a window, which creates "light lines" on the event speaker's face. Often, these type of photo opportunities are much more compelling than using a simple flash.

All compelling images take full advantage of the natural light offered inside the venue. The goal for all event photographers is avoid using artifical light or flashes whenever possible. Instead, try capturing the moment in real time rather than staging a photo. It's smart to invest in an off-camera flash as this instrument comes in handy when photogrpahing attendees walking into the event. it helps to reduce the chances of a person looking straight into the camera.

Be Experimental With Long Exposures

The one constant at an organized event is there will be never-ending movement by the attendees. You have them sitting or gathering together while other actions are happening in the background. Using a longer shutter speed helps to capture they dynamic of the rhythm found inside the event. Plus, longer exposure time allows an event photographer to accentuate on a fixed object, which gains multiple angles of a single shot.

The shutter speed is responsible for changing the brightness of a photograph, thus creating a dramatic effect of either freezing the action itself or blurring the motion all together. This is important when trying to capture a compelling image that will be the signature photo of the event. This tip is extremely helpful to those event photographers who want to add something new and different to their finished work.

Know The Appearance Schedule of All Speakers and Guests

The main attraction to attending a corporate event is to hear a speaker or various special guests, so to capture the essence of an event, you must know ahead of time their schedules appearance time on stage. Remain in constant contact with event organizers on the status of each speaker or special guest to confirm if their scheduled appearance is still planned. If possible, try to secure a photo of them, so you won't miss an opportunity to capture a compelling image of them at the event.

Usually, the event photographer will receive an information packet that includes all speaker's name and possible special guests that are scheduled to appear at the event. A thumbnail image of them might be included, which would be invaluable to an event photographer. Can't stress enough how communication between yourself and the event orgainizerswill avoid any risk of missing a good photo opportunity.

Learn to Anticipate The Moment

Be mindful when capturing a compelling image as a person's emotions might be shown as well. Anticipating the moment allows an event photographer to catch an advertised speaker or special guest discussing the subject matter unguarded in front of the audience. A compelling image can draw focus on an interesting detail that might be overlook in other circumstances. It could an expression of an attendee's face that is away from the main frame of the stage. Or it could be the reflection of the event itself in a person's sunglasses.

Often, event photography is all about capturing compelling images when you least expect it. However, it's your job to remain alert and observant all throughout the event. An event photographer's main responsibility is capturing those moments with their camera. Forget trying to create the perfect setting for a picture and just shoot the attendees' emotions about the event's subject matter. The more event photography you cover, the better your "camera eye" becomes.

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