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Baptism Photography

Baptisms are moments of celebration. These are moments symbolizing purification or the regeneration and admission into the faith of the church. Having a baptism photography in Miami, we have to capture these unique once in a lifetime moments is very important. They don't come back around.

The joy that children bring to the world is irrefutable and has been since the beginning of creation. When it comes to celebrating your child's baptism there is no question that it is irrelevant the size of the event, all parents will want a Miami baptism photographer to capture the moments.

Baptism photography in Miami usually is the first photo session your child will have. They will be the first professional photographs you will have as new parents. As a father of three beautiful children I can honestly tell you that time passes to fast and the years just fly by. Time is strange that way. Before you know they will be walking, going to school and driving. Once they are off to college your house will look like a shrine to your child. This happens to all parents.

Whether you are having an intimate family baptism or a large party with friends and relatives from far and wide you will be grateful that you documented the event with a baptism photographer. As a baptism photographer, I will capture all throughout the ceremony the atmosphere that will be felt, all the emotions, the details and all the fun at your reception.

My main goal when working with babies when it comes to baptism photography is to be as close as possible to the moment without having the child react. There are many factors I take into consideration, from the lighting of the church to the angles I need to catch without using flash while up-close near the child yet still discrete enough to go unnoticed.

As a father and a Miami Baptism Photographer, I know first hand that children find this event to be quite tiring having not been accustomed to this much agitation in their lives. It can be very intrusive and considering the sensitivity of the matter, I handle baptisms with extra care.

Discussing the approach to baptism photography in Miami beforehand with the parents is something I always do. Having a formal photo shoot before the celebration begins is very important and it provides the best results. It allows for the immediate family to have a couple of great pre-baptism photographs in peace an quiet. These will be some of the best moments I as a baptism photographer will capture. Also, check our Maternity Photography in Miami.