Engagement Photography Tips

Many engaged couples wish to capture their fresh and growing love for each other by taking sensational engagement pictures. The planning to be married couple can find a professional photographer to do these shots by researching local photography studios. Read on for some excellent engagement photography tips that every photographer should try and every engaged couple should know. Doing this can help to ensure that the finished pictures will convey the deep love and affection each person has for their […]

Miami wedding venues

100+ Miami Wedding Venues (Updated for 2020)

Miami offers an amazing variety of absolutely unforgettable wedding venues. From elegant and sophisticated to rustic and unique, our Magic City has it all. Selecting a perfect wedding venue should be enjoyable and fun for a couple. Below you will find a list of 100+ Miami wedding venues to choose from alongside with few important tips to make your selection go smooth. Plan Ahead Most popular and trendy wedding venues get booked very fast. If you wish to have a better […]

Wedding Planning Should Build Love Between A Couple

A wedding is a sacred way to unite a couple.  The important process of wedding planning should build love between a couple.  It is much nicer if the planning is done in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable.  As some people know, social event planning takes some good coordination skills.  Being prepared makes this much simpler and many people can appreciate helpful tips from other couples that have been successful at planning an enjoyable wedding.  When planning out the […]

Event Photography Tips, event photography

Proven Event Photography Tips

Event photography tips below will help you deliver great images for your clients Do your Homework Information is power. Do some research on your client to have a better understanding of your client’s business. Check out the client’s social media interactions and the website as well. If there be any photography that the client has had at the venue, take notes to avoid taking repetitive shots similar to those taken in the past events. Have a mental construct of shots […]