Engagement Photography Tips

Engagement Photography Tips

Many engaged couples wish to capture their fresh and growing love for each other by taking sensational engagement pictures. The planning to be married couple can find a professional photographer to do these shots by researching local photography studios. Read on for some excellent engagement photography tips that every photographer should try and every engaged couple should know.

Doing this can help to ensure that the finished pictures will convey the deep love and affection each person has for their beloved. These romantic memories, captured by the camera of a talented photographer, will be there for the couple forever. These pictures will help them to remember their love story beginnings down through the years as they grow old together.

Meet Beforehand to Get to Know the Couple

Whenever possible, plan to meet before the photo session in order to better understand and get to know the unique couple. Doing this allows the photographer to have a clearer vision of what the happy couple is desiring in the way of their engagement photography shoot. Ask the couple to look through your photo gallery or to bring their favorite couple photographs along so you, the photographer, can have a tangible idea of the styles of pictures that the couple wants.

Pick a Special Spot for your Photo Session

Part of the fun of getting professional engagement pictures done is that the photographer and couple have more freedom with many of the finer details. Typically, the photographer can capture more candid and natural emotions conveyed by the newly in-love and committed couple. This happens when the photographer catches the telltale body language and facial expressions of two people madly in love as the couple interacts with each other. This is always easier when the couple has chosen a beautiful location that means something special to them.

Begin with Basic Poses that Flatter

Unlike the more formal poses usually required with wedding pictures, engagement photographs typically turn out best with simple and more laid back photography techniques. This should include some basic poses that flatter both individuals and help convey the love of the pair without the need for words. The photographer should also inquire about how much romantic behavior, like kissing, hugging passionately or other more suggestive poses, that each couple would be comfortable doing on film.

Consider Shooting During the Golden Hour for Best Lighting

Every photographer knows that there is a magic golden hour perfect for stunning photos due to better lighting effects. Shooting pictures at high noon could overexpose the scene with too harsh light giving the picture captured less than pristine images. Instead, consider planning your photography session about an hour before sunset. This time gives the best chances of getting gorgeous photos with just the right amount and intensity of light. For couples that happen to be early risers, that hour following sunrise is also golden.

Bring Several Wardrobe Changes

It can add more intrigue and mystery to your envisioned engagement photography session to bring along several flattering wardrobe changes. This helps to break up any monotony with regard to dress and other photo details. Couples should consider picking an evening formal outfit, a daytime perfect ensemble and a relaxed and more casual attire choice to add some visual drama instantly.

Remember to consider the photography session setting before deciding on your clothing picks. Also, it is wise to try a dry run by snapping some pictures at home wearing each outfit. The couple should also practice different poses in these clothes to ensure that both people will feel comfortable during the actual shoot later down-the-road.

Capture and Incorporate the Beauty of the Natural Landscape

Even novice shutter-bugs will capture better pictures by incorporating the beauty of the setting's natural landscape details into each carefully planned shot. The photographer can play with the camera adjustments to get the hues and atmospheric essence of the surrounding scenery, but the photographer can blur and fade these details some to ensure that the couple is the main focal point of the photograph. Beach scenes are beautiful with crashing waves and the contrast of water and sky horizon used as the background. Additionally, tall majestic trees in the distance and closer wildflowers can be the lovely backdrop for a romantic outdoor engagement photograph.

There is something special about love that is only in the beginning stages. These practical and helpful engagement photography tips can help photographers to capture these precious moments in the best possible light and scenario. Couples fortunate enough to grow older and wiser together often enjoy looking at photographs that depict their lives over the span of years lived together. Engaged couples searching for the right photographer should always research any one being considered. Some photographers offer an album guest sign-in book for use at the couple's future wedding celebration.

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