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Maternity Photography in Miami

It is a known fact that pregnancy is one of the most special and unique moments a woman can go through. As a Maternity photography in Miami, I agree that it is a unique experience for me as well.

They say birth is the miracle of life and working with a soon to be real life miracle is a very special experience for me. Being a father of 2 beautiful children myself and having gone through the joy and excitement of waiting for my own babies I know first hand the emotions parents go through. This makes the collaboration even more personal.

Knowing that I am the Miami Maternity Photographers the future parents chose to capture these moments of joy and awaiting is a great honor.

Providing an unforgeable experience for the soon to be mother and a comfortable environment for the soon to be baby is a very important aspect that I take seriously. My goal is to ensure you feel happy, beautiful, empowered and most importantly comfortable.

As a maternity photographer in miami, I consult with the future parents and decide together on location and even certain aspects that the future mother might need with her on site to make the photo-shoot as amazing as possible. There are many factors to take into account that only the photographer might know, from lighting to location and this is why communication is key in any partnership.

When it comes to maternity photography in Miami there are certain moments that might seem natural when you look at the final printed photo but getting there is another thing altogether. It might all look easy but in reality, these are poses that most people aren’t familiar with and this is why you need your professional maternity photographer.

When it comes to maternity photography in Miami, there aren't two sessions that are the same. These sessions are tailored by your maternity photographer to suit each future mother's exact wishes and comfort level. Working closely with future parents allows me to get an idea of the expectations they might have from the session and bring the outcome as close to reality as possible.

A maternity photography sessions would be captured best between 28 weeks and 36 weeks. The dates are obviously up to the future parents and can happen anytime they choose and feel comfortable. The locations can vary from the beach to a rooftop view depending on the preferences.  Maybe there are locations that have meaning to both future parents, a first date they had or where he  proposed.

The most amazing part to capture when it comes to a maternity photography session is clearly the mother to be getting ready, awaiting and anticipating the child's arrival. My job as a maternity photographer is to capture these truly breathtaking moments. Also find out our best Miami Engagement Photographers.

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