Mitzvah Photography in Miami

Mitzvah Photography in Miami

All celebrations are unique in their own way, but when it comes to Mitzvahs everything is different. Mitzvah photography in Miami takes me to another level of artistic capabilities completely and the reason is that I get to work with children. 
Being a father myself to 2 beautiful children, I have a better understanding of the way children act and respond.

As a Miami Mitzvah photographers, my main goal is capturing the emotions of the Jewish passage from childhood into adulthood. The transition to adulthood is a very joyous occasion and has been meticulously planned out by the family since the day the child was born. This event has been 12-13 years in the making and understanding this as a Mitzvah photographer is very important. Also we are the best baptism photography in Miami.

When in it comes to Mitzvah photography in Miami everything is different from one point of view, I am mainly working with children and one must understand the way they work. As different as it may be to interact with adults, I find that working with children happens to be the simplest and purest form we as humans come in. Children have the tendency to surprise us all in a positive way.

As a Miami Mitzvah photographers, I work closely with the entire family, from parents, siblings to grandparents. Understanding their vision of how the Mitzvah photography session should go is very important to me. The sensibility of each family is taken into consideration to provide the best outcome from the photography session.

The Mitzvah photography session can be a full day event, from formal portraits, the Torah, to a full-on party. I like to take the time and discuss with the family their wishes and how they see the event should develop or if they wish to focus mainly on a certain part of the day.

The main job of a Mitzvah photographer in Miami is to gain the trust of your child so that the outcome is as natural as possible. Gaining their trust and having them warm up in front of the camera will create the perfect opportunity for capturing your child's personality and essence of the transition during this special time. It will be an immortalized memory that you will all cherish forever and look back on.

Bringing a unique artistic and cinematic approach to Mitzvah photography in Miami is my main goal. A well-documented event that tells the story through images, through the eye of both the children and the adults is what you want to be left with after the event has passed.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah isn’t just an event, it is a celebration that comes with history and traditions. There is a balance between honoring tradition and embracing celebration. Capturing all the pride, the fun and the memorable moments is key when it comes to Mitzvah photography.