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Of all the days in our lives,

weddings are usually among

the most memorable

When else do we get dressed in the finest clothes we may ever wear and gather people to watch our most precious moments? For many people, the marriage ceremony best represents the honored couple. This is after all how they announce themselves to the world. It is no wonder why so many people choose Vizcaya wedding venue.

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As a photographer, there are few places in Florida that provide such a lovely backdrop for event pictures.  With a style reminiscent of the European Renaissance, each photo from a wedding here could stand as a work of art.

Historical Significance

Completed in 1916, the Vizcaya was originally the estate of wealthy businessman James Deering. The property was built to emulate the world-famous look of Mediterranean and Italian villages. The estate overlooks Biscayne Bay and is part of the Coconut Grove area of Miami. It is currently owned and managed by Miami-Dade County and available to the public as a museum.

According to the facility rental brochure, some of the most noteworthy dignitaries of the last century visited the grounds.  Famous guests include Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II, and President Ronald Reagan.  In addition, the resort was host to the Free Trade Agreement signing and the Summit of the Americas.  In the modern era, the site is one of the most popular settings in Florida for corporate events and weddings.

The name “Vizcaya” was given to the estate by Deering himself, as a nod to the legend of a Spanish merchant named Vizcaino.  This explorer was said to have visited the Americas in the 1600s, and was possibly responsible for the name "Biscayne Bay."  Deering felt the name added to the mythos of the property as an old-world haven in South Florida.


Why do couples choose Vizcaya?

Vizcaya wedding provides the perfect combination of old-world European architecture and Florida's natural charm. For those looking for an alternative to destination wedding in Europe, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens provides the next best thing. For generations, couples in Miami have depended on this glorious locale to provide lasting memories. No other retreat in South Florida provides such a peaceful and picturesque retreat. You can trust this venue to make your special day unforgettable.

Aside from a few major holidays, the facility is always available for functions. Your guests can enjoy total privacy in the Courtyard, Gardens, and Terraces. The external areas are tailor-made for wedding photography, with plenty of decorative sculptures and works of art intermixed with the manicured greenery.  The decorations range from art from the early twentieth century to pieces from the Renaissance Age in Europe.

Couples love Vizcaya because the views are breathtaking, both during the wedding and in pictures long after.  The options for photo and ceremony backdrops are almost limitless.  Sophisticated couples can choose Renaissance Italy style artwork like sculpture or fountains as a backdrop.  The weathered stone and antique crafted bricks of the terraces will enhance any photos by providing a classic look. Natural beauty lovers can share their first kiss in front of brilliant tropical trees and flowers such as orchids.

Daytime Garden Ceremonies

For those that prefer a beautiful outdoor setting for their special day, the gardens are available during the hours of 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Ceremony for up to 25 guests


For each additional guest

One potential drawback of garden weddings is that certain items are not allowed because they could damage the greenery.  Chairs, wedding canopies, and other large decorative items cannot be included in the ceremony or reception. As the museum itself is still open during daytime hours, music must be limited to a volume that allows other guests an enjoyable visit. Vizcaya grounds must be kept pristine, so they cannot allow food or drinks during events held in the gardens. The nearby Vizcaya Café and Shop can provide a reception area with included food.


Evening Rentals

Includes 125 guests between the hours of 6:30 p.m. and 11 pm.  Additional guests, extended hours and tenting are extra.


October - June


July- September


Each additional hour between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.


The picturesque indoor courtyard can seat up to 100 guests. For those that prefer a beautiful outdoor setting for their special day, the gardens and terraces are available. Weddings expecting more than 100 guests can use the terraces. The East Terrace rests directly in front of a gorgeous view of Biscayne Bay and can accommodate up to 300 seated guests.  The South Terrace opens up into the beautiful and lush gardens on the grounds.


General Details

Catering and Rental Equipment permit fee that ranges from $375 for up to 200 guests to $525 for up to 500 guests.

The facility charges an additional $25 for each guest over 125, with a maximum of 500 people. The cost is based on the number of guests and includes vendors as well as invited attendees.

Guests are expected to reduce the noise after 11:00 p.m., but the location doesn’t close until 1:00 a.m.  Florida’s sales tax will be added to all costs.

The evening rental fee includes 125 spaces in the Vizcaya parking lot. More parking is available across the street from the Main House on South Miami. Couples with wedding parties larger than 300 guests should consider hiring police officers for traffic control.  Contact the facility for more details.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129
(305) 250-9133

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