Pros and Cons of Getting Married on a Cruise Ship

Pros and Cons of Getting Married on a Cruise Ship

In your quest to create lasting memories on your wedding day, you may want to choose a spectacular venue. Instead of having your wedding in the usual wedding venues, why not arrange for a cruise ship wedding? This is an idea that’ll see you looking through dozens of wedding destinations.  

Some top cruise ship destinations to consider are Hungary, the Glacier Bay in Alaska and Austria.  You can never forget the memories of exchanging your wedding vows in the open sea as the sun goes down. If you and your partner love adventure this is something you definitely want to try. 

Before you start planning for a cruise ship wedding, be prepared for the good and the bad of such an arrangement. 

Getting Married on a Cruise Ship

The Pros

Having a cruise ship wedding will see you have a kind of ceremony that many people can only dream about. Some other benefits include the following.

  •  A Cruise Ship Wedding is Budget Friendly

You may not know it, but a wedding at open sea is a lot less expensive than a traditional wedding. Depending on how many days you plan to spend on the ship, you could combine the ceremony and reception. Having a one-stop-shopping kind of arrangement could also see you enjoy some perks and discounts from the cruise line. 

  • Professional Wedding Planning

As you check around for the best cruise services, you’ll realize that most of them have a wedding planning package. With a wedding planner by your side, it'll be easier to coordinate the logistics. Working with an expert who has done it several times before will enable you to pull off a beautiful wedding.

  • Beautiful Wedding Backdrops

There are plenty of beautiful wedding venues for land-based weddings. However, they can’t compare to all the breath-taking backdrops you’ll get during your cruise ship wedding. You also won’t require tons of décor items and lighting. 

Nothing will be more romantic than tying the knot in the open sea in the background of a picturesque sunset. Bring along a wedding guestbook and let your guests record their experience and best wishes. You’ll have beautiful memories to revive every time you read through the guestbook. 

  • All Services Inclusive

A cruise ship wedding will give you a package that covers everything you’ll need for your big day. Your guests will also be taken care of, with accommodation offers that best suit their budgets. They’ll also have the freedom to choose the type of stateroom that is most comfortable for them. 

Since the accommodation charges include meals, your guests will find this a more affordable option. There is also an option for incorporating your friends in this organisation - you can create an online wedding registry!

  • A Wide Range of Activities

Cruise ships arrange for various activities for you to ensure you get the most out of the experience. They strive to ensure you don’t get bored, during the day and at night. Enjoy water attractions, visiting the spa center, attending dancing classes, and playing various games. 

At night, you have a chance to go to the cinema, visit a disco, or be at a show program.

The Cons

It would be best if you don’t turn a blind eye some of the downsides of a cruise ship wedding.

  • Weather Changes

The weather can be quite unpredictable out in the sea. You might think it'll be all sunny and beautiful, but the weather suddenly becomes windy or rainy. Be prepared by having a backup plan in such an eventuality.

As a tip, find out the stormiest season and avoid having your wedding then. 

  • Shorter Guest List

Unfortunately, you may not be able to host as many guests as you’d like when having a cruise ship wedding. You may only be entitled to between 10 and 25 guests depending on the company you choose.

  • Legal Challenges

You should know that the process of getting married overseas is challenging and time-consuming. Legalizing a marriage in a port away from your country can be hard. Remember you have to check if the documents will remain legal when you go back home. 

You can avoid this hurdle by doing the legal paperwork before or after the cruise wedding. Other requirements you need to check are blood tests and eligibility to marry. You also need to have documents translated in the country you wish to get married in.

Final Thoughts

Getting married on a cruise ship may be a thrilling experience, but you need to research thoroughly before you decide. Flexibility is crucial in making the decision, but once you’re clear about what you want, you're in for several benefits. This will be your chance to enjoy beautiful destinations while having a lot of fun on the ship.

On the downside, and most importantly, ensure you're legally prepared for the wedding. Not having valid marriage documents in the country you wish to get married may become a hindrance. With the proper preparation, there’s nothing to stop you from having the perfect cruise ship wedding.

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