South Florida Wedding Photographer

South Florida Wedding Photographer's Top Tips


There is no one day in your life that should be as memorable as your wedding day. That is why getting the best South Florida wedding photographer is non-negotiable. With a professional photographer you will get the greatest moments of your beautiful day captured in a magical way. However, there a few things you need to do to make your wedding photos stunning. Here are a few tips to fabulous snapshots.


Smile and Have Fun

As nervous as you may be feeling, do not let that anxiety to be captured on camera. Relax and smile naturally. Don't fake the smiles as they will be obvious on photos. It's your big day, have fun and enjoy every moment! Laugh! Let that joy and fun be captured on lens. Get teeth whitener for a dazzling shinny-star smile. But again, don't over-do it; you don't want to look like you have dentures on. The more natural the white smile is, the more beautiful it will appear.


The Tuxedo

The two of you will now become one; your groom needs to be in the portrait too. For awesome wedding portraits, your groom needs to be looking great as well. That means his tux should fit well. The photos should bring out his shining armour for the perfect portrait.


Allocate enough time for the photo session

A wedding day can make you nervous especially if you are a stickler for time and detail. Your family and bridal party will want to take as many photos as they can with you and your groom, most of which are spontaneous. You will only come out as nervous and anxious in the photos if your mind keeps wandering about the events of the day; when you will get to the reception if you are still on schedule, and any other worrisome thoughts. When planning for the wedding, make sure you clear ample time for photos then relax and have fun.


Avoid Fake Tan

Do not apply fake tan on your skin. You will end up looking orange-y. Your skin will be conspicuously awkward when you stand next to your groom who will not be wearing the tan. For that sun-kissed look, consider taking a mini-holiday and get some sun on your skin; remember to use sun block to avoid over-doing the tan. A natural tan will look much better than lathered one.


Pose like a Hollywood Star

Although a pre-meditated pose may feel a little awkward, it can save you from a photo shoot disaster. Practice the poses a few days to the wedding, your photographer will guide you through the chronology of shoots to be taken. One of the superb Hollywood poses you can take is the 3/4 facial view where you do a shoulder peek by turning around. This pose will expose your gown's magnificence while bringing out your sexy and alluring side.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You do not want any regrets when you go through your wedding photos album. You most definitely do not want to see flaws in every portrait of your big day. To avoid this, get a professional South Florida wedding photographer and the rest will be a beautiful memory.