Amazon Wedding Registry | The Ultimate Guide

Amazon Wedding Registry

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Wedding & Bridal Registry

Getting married is stressful enough without having to worry about what gifts you’re going to get. As quality general department stores begin to disappear, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for soon to be married couples to find retail locations to host a registry. It’s important to register somewhere that has a wide selection of quality products and is accessible to all your guests.

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If you’re currently facing this dilemma, Amazon Wedding Registry is worth checking out.

What is Amazon Wedding Registry?

The Amazon Wedding Registry is an online bridal registry program hosted by Amazon.com. It allows wedding couples to register themselves through the famous e-commerce giant, rather than a traditional department store or another retail establishment.

Finding just one store to register with can be tough for young couples. It’s rare that general department stores will carry everything you may need. Plus, the potential for receiving duplicate items is high when you register at just one location.

The benefit of registering with Amazon is that guests will have access to the largest online store known to man, as well as a host of additional products from all over the web. It’s a great choice for couples who want to make gift buying easy for their guests. In addition you'll receive additional benefits like free shipping and the option to return items.

Here is a look at some of the best features Amazon Bridal Registry has to offer.

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Best Selection of Products and Brands

One of the major benefits of Amazon is the diversity of the gift options available. The e-com giant is a titan in the retail industry and there is a no bigger selection of products available anywhere in the world – online or off.

As if that’s not enough, Amazon even has a feature called the Universal Registry tool that allows users to add gifts from anywhere on the internet. It’s a plugin that can be added to a web browser and allows you to include gifts from other online stores. So, registering with Amazon means registering with the entire world of e-commerce.

It’s your special day – why not let guests know what you really want? Amazon wedding registry gives you the pick of the virtual litter, allowing you to carefully select gifts you’ll actually use from brands you actually love.

Special Completion Discounts

If there is something on your list that slipped through the cracks, Amazon offers a discount on products after the wedding. This is called a completion discount and it applies to any item on an Amazon store that was on your registry.

The size of the discount is different for Prime and non-Prime members. Prime members can enjoy a 20% discount on all registry products, while those who are not a member get a 10% discount.

In addition to this discount, any couples who receive more than $500 in purchases from guests will receive a one-time Wedding Gift discount on any item in the Amazon store. The amount of the discount is also tied to whether or not you are a Prime member.

Amazon Wedding Registry will provide you a customizable selection of products and it can also save you money at the same time. Perfect for couples looking for a frugal way to celebrate their union.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a key feature that makes Amazon a dominant force in the world of online retail. When you register at a department store or other retail outlet, you could be getting a mixed bag. Avoid ending up with a cheap blender that will never leave the box or a cherub statue that is already starting to chip by registering with Amazon.

Product reviews are a great way to ensure your gifts will be quality. You can personally vet the reviews yourself and make sure they’re up to par with what you need.

The last thing you want as newly-weds is to be stuck with cheap junk that you don’t want. Amazon Wedding Registry allows you to identify the products that actually work and will hold up for years to come. Your wedding registry is like your starter kit for married life – if you make the investment in identifying value it will pay off in the long run.

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Personalize Your Registry

With Amazon Wedding Registry, your gift list is truly your own. You may choose to stick with classic household items. Or maybe you have a shared passion with your significant other – like mountain climbing or watercolor painting – and you want gifts related to that.

If the wedding is themed, you could tailor your registry to reflect that theme. Or you could just put together a collection of things you’ll never buy for yourself but still desire.

The possibilities are endless. Why limit yourself to a generic selection or niche industry when you could have unlimited options at your disposal?

Every aspect of your wedding should be unique to who you are as a couple and Amazon Wedding Registry far and away has the best opportunity for customization of any registry service on the market.

Free Shipping

You may be thinking that hosting a wedding registry online will mean guests will be charged more for shipping and there is a risk that the gifts won’t arrive in time for the wedding.

Not with Amazon. Shipping on most products is free for Prime members if the order total is more than $25. Amazon is well known for making speedy deliveries. How quickly the item arrives will depend on the individual products, but in most cases, shipments arrive in under a week.

Group Gifting

Another convenient feature of Amazon Gift Registry is the use of group gifting. If a group of friends or family members wants to chip in for one large gift instead of smaller, individual gifts, they can do so through Amazon.

Group gifting allows guests to get creative. Maybe there is something expensive that you really want but felt bad asking one person to spend so much. Group gifting allows close friends and family to pool resources and get you something extra special.

Collaborating on a gift is difficult and tedious at a brick and mortar store. One person has to pool cash from everyone and take on the responsibility of buying and housing the gift. Amazon Wedding Registry makes it just as easy as buying anything else online, opening up even more gift-giving possibilities.

Easy Returns

There is nothing worse than receiving three identical salad bowls with no receipt. With Amazon Wedding Registry, you don’t have to worry about duplicates or gifts you don’t want.

Hopefully, if you’ve taken the time to carefully curate your gift selection, this won’t be a problem. But if you do end up with an extra toaster or a lamp that looked nicer online than in person, Amazon makes returns quick and painless. You have 180 days to return any items, for any reason.

This gives you ample time to test drive any gifts you may be on the fence about. Maybe you like the couch your uncle bought you, but you’re not sure how it will fit in your living room. Give it a month and if you decide it doesn’t work, you still have ample time to return it and get your money back or exchange it for something else.

Gift Tracking

The last thing you want to be doing on your special day is keeping track of who bought you what gift. But when it comes time to send thank you notes, you’ll wish you had some system in place to tell you who to thank for what.

With Amazon Wedding Registry, it's all taken care of. The website will keep a detailed list of which guests purchased which gifts so you don’t have to trust your bridesmaids to pay attention or try to do it yourself.


If you want to include some pricier items on your registry, Amazon’s financing option is a feature you’ll appreciate. With Amazon’s store card, guests can choose to spread payments out over a period of time. Monthly payment options are available, as well as special financing. Guests can choose to pay over the course of 6, 12 or 24 months, depending on the price of the item.

A major benefit of Amazon is that you can include expensive items alongside more modestly priced products. That way you don’t make your guests feel obligated to spend extravagantly if that’s out of their budget – but it gives them the option to spoil you if they so choose. The financing feature just ads range to what you can include. It allows guests to be generous without breaking the bank.

Package X-Ray

Amazon’s Package X-Ray system is an example of a feature you will not get if you register with a traditional retail store. It allows you to see what’s inside the box before it’s opened so you can decide whether or not you’re going to keep it before you ruin the packaging.

All you have to do is log on your Amazon account, scan the barcode and check the guest registry. Amazon will not only tell you what’s inside, but it will also let you know who bought it as well. If you decide to return it, you’ll be ready to go without potentially doing damage to the gift. It’s a handy feature that allows you to easily take stock of your gifts and organize them without creating a mess.

Is Amazon Gift Registry Right for You?

Whether or not you register with Amazon depends entirely on who you are and what makes sense for your guests. If you are looking for an easy, affordable registry option that allows your guests to purchase gifts from the comfort of their own homes then it’s worth looking into. Amazon offers the largest range of products, brands, financing options and discounts anywhere in the world, which is worth taking into account.

In this day and age, the vast majority of people are comfortable shopping online. If you have a lot of older guests, it may be a challenge to expect them to order online. However, that’s a difficulty that can be easily overcome and shouldn’t stop you from choosing Amazon if it makes the most sense.

Ultimately, Amazon’s vital strength is convenience. It takes all the guesswork out of creating a registry, allowing you to get exactly what you want. Plus, it’s affordable and easily accessible to everyone. It has the best features for tracking and organizing gifts and it could likely save you time and energy that is better spent celebrating with your friends and loved ones.

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