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On Site Photo Printing

  • Want a fun, unique, way to commemorate your next corporate event? Want to pay once for years of advertising and corporate brand awareness?
  • Want to have the ability to give your guests a tangible, physical reminder to display to remember the fun they had the night they attended your function?
  • Would you like to offer customizable, cost-effective ways to instantly market your business?
  • Want your advertising dollars to work for you, not once, not twice, but for a lifetime?
  • Want to add more dimension to your event?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need Aram Event Photography to add on site photo printing to your next event. Aram Event Photography offers high-quality, high-resolution pictures using professional photography equipment, studio lights and printers that reduce print time to mere seconds. With photo speeds from eight seconds to 21.9 seconds, depending on the size of the picture, our event photography is the perfect solution for any meeting, party, formal dance, or special event.

    On Site Photo Printing Creates Lasting Memories

    Make Memories

    Create a memorable experience by giving your guest a tangible photo to remind them of the fun they had the night they attended your event. The gift of a photo increases your customer's happiness level with your company, adding value to your event. The added cost of adding photography to your event is minimal when you factor in the years of advertising and goodwill you achieve each time the customer looks at the photo and remembers their fantastic evening.

    Advertising that Lasts a Lifetime

    Each time you have our on site photo printing at one of your special events, you create advertising that lasts a lifetime. When guests are dressed up, they want to capture their special moments, and often do, by asking a friend, or co-worker to take their picture—some even take a selfie! When you offer event photography printing on site, guests don't end up with low or mid-quality cell phone pictures, they get high-quality, high-resolution, professional pictures that last a lifetime!


    Our professional photographers will create beautiful images for you to showcase and enjoy for years to come

    Instant Prints

    Super fast on-site photo printing. Spectacular quality images in variety of sixes are printed within seconds and instantly given to a customer in a plain or branded folder


    High Definition JPEG images are instantly emailed, texted or available for download from a cloud. Share instantly on social media or print at your favorite local printer

    Brand Awareness

    In today's competitive environment, brand awareness is more important now than ever! At Aram Event Photography we can keep your business name top of mind with the addition of your company's logo. The date, location of the event, and your company logo can be printed directly on the photo; or, make it easy for your guest to display their memorable picture by customizing a corresponding photo frame or photo folder.

    Traditional Advertising verses Word of Mouth Advertising

     Traditional advertising dollars must be spent over and over to keep your business name in front of your customers. With printing on site, your advertising dollars pay dividends. With customizable photo frames and folders and the ability to add your company's logo to the pictures and picture holders, your brand is visible wherever the picture is displayed. Guests will remember with fond appreciation the night their picture was taken at your event and will recount their adventure with others along the way. Customer appreciation, and goodwill give you the best type of advertising--the kind that money can't buy--word of mouth advertising.

    Crowd Participation

    When you have event photography in high traffic areas, guests see other guests having fun, capturing their special memories and want to create their own. With printing on site, those who have their picture taken have instant gratification. They can hold the picture in their hands, just moments after having their picture taken, or show their friends and co-workers a copy of the picture that was texted to their phone. As more and more people show how great the picture looks and how great our on site printing is, excitement is created and crowd participation increases.

    Our Professional Touch

    Professional Set-up

    Though our photo stations can be placed just about anywhere, we find the best results are achieved when our customizable photo station is put in a high traffic area part of your venue. Although it is possible to have a smaller footprint, our standard photo station, equipped with studio lights, is 10-feet by 15-feet. We offer a standard professional photo station, and a variety of photo station backgrounds to create the special moment you wish to create. With high-quality studio lighting in every photo station, your guests will look great from any angle.

    Professional Photographers

    Our photographers can pose customers in formal or semi-formal poses. These stations work well for any special event, corporate meeting, trade show, or formal dance. You could also create a festive, seasonal photo booth station for Christmas pictures with Santa, or spring-time pictures with the Easter Bunny! We recommend having two professional photographers at your venue, but depending on the size and type of event, you may want more.

    When you have a special event to commemorate, think no further than Aram Event Photography. Our professional photographers, photo stations, and customizable options will make your event more than just a fun memory—your event will become a memory treasured and talked about for a lifetime!

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