Don’t Miss a Perfect Shot: Creating a Wedding Photo Timeline

Don't Miss a Perfect Shot: Creating a Wedding Photo Timeline

Your wedding day is a truly special day.  You’ll want to capture every sweet, romantic moment so that you can treasure it for years.  One way to make sure that you don’t miss a moment is to create a wedding photo timeline.  This helps you plan specific moments throughout the day and ensure that enough time is allotted for each activity.  Your wedding day will fly by quickly and you want to enjoy every moment.  Also, many times wedding run slightly behind schedule so by scheduling enough time for every shot means that it will run more smoothly and be less stressful.  There are several photographs that couples cherish throughout the years of their marriage.  As every wedding is different and special so you may have some photographs that you want beyond these suggestions.  These ideas should help get you started planning your ideal wedding photo timeline.

The Details

Small details, such as the rings, shoes or accessories, can have big impact in a photograph.  Taking a half hour in the morning can easily capture shots of special items that you have included in your wedding.  This can be done in your bridal suite or other suitable location.  Capturing a shot of the special earrings your grandmother lent you for your wedding day will be a wonderful memory.

Bridal Party Getting Ready

Everyone getting ready before the wedding offers many opportunities for candid shots.  Getting photographs of hair and makeup and the boys putting on their finery feel intimate and remind you of special moments from the day.  Allow about an hour to capture these types of photographs.  These can be taken in the bridal suite or hotel rooms in the morning or afternoon given the time of the wedding.  These times are often the most special among the bridal party so don’t miss this opportunity to capture them.  Be aware, however, that many times the hotel room can get messy so the wedding photographer needs to be careful in capturing these.  A background crowded with boxes and suitcases is not necessarily attractive in a photo.


The perfect time to do individual portraits is right after everyone has gotten ready.  This is when hair and makeup is fresh and perfect.  Also, it’s a time before everything gets hectic.  If you are just doing individual portraits of the bride and groom, this should take approximately thirty minutes.  If you are planning portraits of others, such as family members, you may need to schedule a little bit more time.  You can arrange these photographs for the wedding venue, a nearby garden or even the bridal suite.  Use the location that speaks to you.

First Look

Capturing the first moment that the bride and groom see each other can be priceless.  Schedule about 45 minutes for this.  While it may not take that long, it will give the wedding photographer time to take several portraits of the couple together before they walk down the aisle.  If the wedding venue has a garden area, this is an ideal spot but other areas in the venue can work equally well.  You want to select a location that has natural light so that you both look your best.

Photographs of the Wedding Party

The people in your wedding party are important to the both of you so you want to capture the whole group together.  This can take about 45 minutes.  Ideally, it will include posed photographs of the entire group then move into more fun, creative shots of everyone.  This can be done at the wedding venue or a nearby location.  You just want to make sure that you can stay on schedule because everyone is waiting for the reception fun to start!  In wedding photography, it is traditional to also have photos of the bride and groom separately with their attendants.  This will give you both memories of those included in your special day.


Just like your wedding party, family is important.  Allocate thirty to forty-five minutes so that both the bride and groom can have portraits with their family members.  This can include several different shots such as the bride with her parents or with the groom’s family.  Consider the different combinations so that everyone will know beforehand that they will be expected to participate in the photographs at a particular time.  Figure out the shots that you would like to see then allocate about three minutes or so per photograph.  This will give you a basic timeframe.

Wedding Venue

Some couples enjoy having photographs of the decorated wedding venue.  These are easily done prior to guests arriving and activities beginning.  This should take a wedding photographer about thirty minutes to do to truly capture the scene.

Your Photographs as a Couple

A session with just the two of you will take about an hour.  Many wedding photographers prefer shooting these types of photographs in the late afternoon.  Depending on when the wedding is, you may want to do these the next day.  Talk with your wedding photographer about what the best options are.  These can be done at the wedding venue, in a garden or any place that you both can have some quiet time alone with the photographer.  If your venue is in a downtown area, you’ll need to work closely with your wedding photographer because the timing with ambient light will be tighter.

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In wedding photography, the reception is a time to capture many special moments.  You can have the wedding photographer spend some time capturing the look of the decorated venue.  You’ll also want to have a photograph of when you enter the reception as husband and wife.  This will take approximately ten minutes for the photographer.  They will be able to capture your genuine expression as you see the reception space for the first time with your loved ones.  The garter and bouquet toss are other key moments.

Wedding photography can be a lasting treasure if wedding photo timeline is planned out beforehand.  By giving some thought to the photographs you want and planning them out will keep the day fun and more relaxed. Another helpful article is about wedding photography checklist

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