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Family Portrait

Questions & Answers

What is a family portrait?

Family portrait is a gift that keeps on giving. One of the best ways to prepare for some excitement with fond memories is to have professional family portraits planned out for an event or holiday.  Family portrait can capture special moment with those you care for most.  They can be treasured memories for the family with photos others can also enjoy.  Family photography can be a smart way to get all of your photos organized and prepared nicely for sharing your important events.

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Family portraits can also be a nice way to build a good relationship with a professional photographer.  This could be the opportunity to have a professional available if you choose to have photos taken of other family special occasions or your children’s events.  Couple’s portraits are also an opportunity to be really creative with the photography sessions and locations for taking pictures.  This works nicely for engagement photography sessions, anniversaries, or any events celebrating a couple together.

Some people choose to have a family photographer available for any fun family outings or school events.   It is also nice to have a family photographer available for senior portraits, when family portraits can also be planned at the same time for graduation ceremonies.  Building a strong relationship with a professional photographer can simplify the process of arranging schedules.  A professional can also know your preferences and styles for when the occasion or event is arranged.  Preparing for a family photo shoot can be simple.  Get some ideas for what types of family portrait you would like.  Consider a location or choose some of your top favorites.  Try to pick a date with a few weeks in advance for any other preparations.  You can also start getting any props together and preparing your kids, animals, and whatever else you need.   Everything can be simpler as you find other tips and suggestions that work for planning family portraits.

Where can I get a family portrait done?

The possibilities are endless.  For example, you can choose to have your family portrait done at your home, on vacation, in a studio, park, beach, etc.  Portraits can be a combination of poses and positions with each person situated nicely with the next person.  Experienced photographers are able to choose the best composition, settings, poses, and get the right sharp focus for each picture.   Family photography can be a focus for at least 3 to 5 events or occasions each year.  Some people choose more sessions nowadays with such enjoyment as social media for sharing the wonderful memories of families together.  Large amusement parks and recreation centers can be nice for family portraits also.  Even more casual environments such as sporting events, restaurants, or parks can make nice places for getting family portraits done.

How much does it cost to get a family portrait?

The cost can be anywhere between $150 to $1000 or more depending on the photographer, time, place and deliverables.  Some photographers might have a minimum number of hours so it is helpful to verify this information when working with a photographer.  For family photography sessions, the cost may differ among services and packages included.  With experienced photographers, it is really important that the technical part is covered so the photographer can focus on giving the clients a fantastic experience.  There is high-quality equipment and back-up supplies that make everything better with experienced photographers.  Expensive camera equipment with the right lenses can make a difference with the products delivered.  A good professional family photographer can work with you on the number of sessions and provide some suggestions for places to take the family portraits.

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How do you take a good family portrait?

A professional photographer with experience of shooting family portraits has a trained eye for it.  Walking into a session with confidence is a natural solution for making this simpler.  At some point, lining up everyone’s feet correctly helps organize everything better for the photos.  An experienced photographer is probably good at directing all of this so the best for everyone else is to work on smiling and looking your best.  Let the photographer use their expertise while suggesting poses and positions for the perfect family portrait.

What’s the best place for family portraits?

Basically anywhere that is the most convenient place for a family to get together and be comfortable.  A nice place that has meaning for the family and brings out the character of the group can be the best also for family portraits.  Children might feel more comfortable and safe being themselves with a photo session planned at their home.  Clients often request suggestions for additional options and this makes sense since professional photographers probably have experience taking photos at many different wedding venues.  Photographers are also good at picking the best lighting and environment for family portraits or events celebrating a couple’s engagement.

Why do people get family portraits?

Family portrait is the best memory for a lifetime!  Strengthening the strong love together is always a nice reason to focus on opportunities provided with scheduled family portraits.  This can be a fun time to look good together and reaffirm the love between a family.  Celebrating family bonds can be another reason for embracing the portraits that are important to you.  Professional photo sessions of a baby’s first year and birthdays can be incredible fun with planned photography.  Portraits can be flattering and show off the importance and beauty of a family together.  Having family albums can be important for many future generations and quality portraits make nice additions for this important keepsake.

Why are portraits important?

Why would you want to see your beauty together year after year or all season long with your photo wall hangings?  Find the fun reasons you would want these collections and then decide on the décor you might choose for enjoying the photos displayed in some way.  You can have fun making picture frames or wall art.  Professional portraits can also be collected for a nice family album to go along with your everyday celebrations.

How often should you do family photos?

The choices are incredible for family photos and fun with recreational planning.  Choosing how often you want to do family photos is simple.  You can start off with planning for 1 or 2 sessions and continue to consider your options for additional events and occasions.  Special occasions make sense for family photos and it can be nice to consider yearly photos as a nice minimum with other interesting ways to have enjoyable family memories.  Family photography can include school events and entertainment venues as additional options for family portraits.  Some of the best smiles for children can go nicely with amusement parks, zoos, or birthday parties.

Portraits with the children being more natural are powerful and these types of recreation outings can be enjoyable for everyone.  Arrangements can be made ahead of time for the scheduled portraits and the exact locations for any photo shoots.  Family vacations are good reasons to enjoy the beauty of portraits and fun photos as reminders of quality time together.  Simple outings can also be good opportunities for family pictures at the park, beach, or on a monthly basis.  Packages and services can be worked out to give you many exciting ways to plan for additional family fun.

How should you dress for family photos?

If you can, try to color coordinate and be comfortable.   Try to choose styles or outfits that are clean with no bold patterns.  Some families like it if the choices are not too casual, but others choose the right clothes for the venue or event.  The clothes you wear can be chosen carefully with maybe an enjoyable way to get more excited about the photo shoot.  A new outfit for each of you might require a savings plan for a short time or you could just focus on taking photos that show off your new type of style, fad, or fashion.

What colors are best for family pictures?

This sometimes depends on the family preferences or styles but there are some simple colors that could be chosen to have everyone feeling their best.  Professional portraits often get enhancements and appeal with pastel colors that work great for any photo shoots.  Comfortableness may be considered when it comes to outdoor photo shoots and any type of walking that might be required.  Coordinating colors can be fun and some families even choose to rent formal wear for important family portraits.

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What should you not wear for family portraits?

With simple planning, the choices for clothes can be a easy part of this process.  Avoiding certain items can also be helpful, such as bold patterns, big logo shirts, and inappropriate items like high heels on a beach shoot.  It should be easy to choose what everyone is wearing but your professional photographer should also be available to provide recommendations depending on the location or venue for the portraits.

How do you pose in a family photo?

Professional photographers have significant experience with family portraits and even wedding events with large wedding parties.  They can easily direct the types of poses but your ideas can also be incorporated.  You can also look for samples on PInterest and practice a few times at home.  Practice posing with smiles and this can make it nicer for the actual photo shoots.  The goal with family portraits is to get every member of the group ready for the photos.  A sharp focus with everyone more prepared can make it nicer for placing the photos on your wall or in an album.  Most people want portraits to look beautiful and professional.

There are some tips and tricks for looking naturally photogenic.  With the account activities of MySpace and Facebook, some people have focused on becoming better with their natural looks and beauty.  Practicing in front of a mirror or with others can help since a big part of looking good comes with feeling comfortable.  It sure is nice to feel good when someone is snapping your picture and this can be much easier with a little bit of practice. Looking good together can be a fun way of working on your poses for the portraits.  The fun ways to pose as a family might be part of the planning and can be part of creating enjoyable memories for those important portraits.

How can I take natural family photos?

Creating natural images can be nicer when focusing on a family being naturally themselves.  Being authentic and real is also a way to capture children’s personalities and their real smiles.  A photographer is often good at capturing moments that bring out the best with natural family photographs.  Interactions are also encouraged for fun and enjoyable photos of a family together.  Genuine smiles and being who you truly are is also a way to have the photos turn out more natural.

Your naturalness can make nice photos also in any environment where your family can play and have fun. Including favorite family activities can also be helpful when trying to take natural family photos.  These types of photo shoots can be really enjoyable when it is at a theme park, zoo or just a nice family barbeque.  Professional photos can be an enjoyable way to have others appreciate the beauty of your family.  Sometimes that natural look might be better to celebrate an occasion or event.  Wearing the right clothes can also be helpful for taking natural family photos.  Smiling naturally is nicer also so you might practice as part of the planning and fun.  A professional family photographer can also make this simpler.

How long do family portraits take?

Some people plan on a few hours but express sessions can be 30 to 90 minutes depending how many people are involved and how many images and variety of images the family needs.  Family events or outings at theme parks may be coordinated in a few different areas of the amusement center which might include additional planning.  These types of family photos work nicely for sharing good memories with others.  It is always nice to have these photos well preserved as high-quality pictures you can always enjoy.

What is the best time of the day to take family portraits outside?

About 30 to 60 minutes before sunset may be the best light for family portraits outside.  Experienced photographers are able to make portraits work whenever everyone is ready and excited to shoot.  During winter months the sun may set a bit faster in some locations so the best time for outdoor portraits may be two hours before sunset.  Some people prefer taking portraits photos a couple of hours after sunrise with the morning golden hour.

What’s the best time of year for a family portrait session?

Depending on the location. Here in South Florida, winter and spring are the best time to shoot outdoors.  For other areas, season changes are good opportunities for outdoor photography with spring being the most popular.   Also, Christmas time is great for holiday portrait and thanksgiving can work nicely for extended family portrait.  Sometimes with small children it might be easier doing a fall or spring session or in the summer season  you might plan the photography session during the evening when it is more comfortable.

Family portrait artwork

Hand crafted art projects make excellent gifts with any family portraits.  The high-quality prints can look really good in a customized frame.  These types of gifts can be really important for others and really fun to make for any family.  There are plenty of online resources for making customized frames with options for hobbyists or those new at this type of work.  Skill level won’t matter with something made by hand with love for those receiving the gifts.  They go nicely with family portraits and a personal touch for the frame or mounted pictures.  Décor is a new item with family pictures and Pinterest has many good suggestions for this type of work.

Extracurricular Events

Family school events are important and this can be excellent with a family photographer.  That planned musical event or the start of a sports season can really mean a lot for your kids.  The added touch with a professional photographer can be a simple scheduling with a lot of beauty to add to your family albums or wall décor.   Your junior league player may really appreciate this professional touch as he or she climbs the ranks each year.  These types of photo shoots can be for individuals, team photos, or both.

What if I would like to have a professional photographer for our friend outings and events?

You might find availability of some creative arrangements with the professional photographer to cover 3 to 8 outings for a large group of friends.  The combination of photos is real value for the friendships involved and some photos could make the best gifts for each individual and the group altogether.  The room for creativity is impressive with this type of photography, social media, and outings for important events.  Enjoy your planning and shoot for a photographer special that lines your calendar with the most amazing plans for celebrating your friendships.

Additional tips and tricks for family photography

Families can find it easier to get through photo sessions with some tips and tricks.  Tips for family photography can really be big hits when it comes to planning and preparing for your family phortrait.  Remembering that the photo sessions can be fun and enjoyable is probably helpful also.  Some additional examples include the following:

  • Incorporate pets
  • Bring snacks and possibly drinks for the kids
  • Pack along some special items that define your current family moments
  • Plan for holiday theme shoots
  • Add some fun with black and white images
  • Organize for extended family images during holidays and get togethers
  • Schedule photos for sports activities with the children
  • Include school activities with photo planning, ie. School theater, band performances, or athletic events
  • Families can also be creative with their own ideas
  • Focus on having fun and enjoyable photo sessions
  • Tour large entertainment venues for recreation, fun, and captured memories with professional photos

Through our research and experience with the family fun of enjoying photo shoots, our team of professionals has learned more about loving relationships and the strength of families.  We understand the importance of capturing the best beauty of love and relationships with our family portraits.  Often, our photo shoots are for families celebrating some big fun social event.  Yearly holiday photo sessions are part of planning for some go-getters showing some seasonal fun spirit.

Other exciting types of photo shoots we have seen include big tours of large venues for our city.  Tourism opportunities are often good venues for those fun types of family portraits.  Photo sessions can be pre-arranged with nice natural poses as options to really enjoy sharing the pictures with others.  Having the most fun with family portraits can be the best for building more love together.

Preparing for photo sessions is simplified as you plan everything in a positive way.  Arriving at the photo shoot with the best planned out reason why you love and care so much is a helpful tip for your important family photos.  Those family portraits might have you laughing often with memories for why you love each other so much.  Take the photos with lovingness if you can.  Professionals are often experienced with preparations for smiles and good looks.  Have fun together.  This can be the best part of planning and getting everything organized.  This simple goal or objective can bring a family together with a joyfulness that helps make great photos.  This time together can include cooperative planning before the sessions with possibly even more enjoyable memories for your plans of getting family portraits.

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