Beach Wedding Tips And Tricks For a Memorable Event

Your wedding will be one of the most momentous occasions in your life, so you need it to be special. While you could have your wedding in a traditional space like a church or high-class venue, beach weddings are becoming more and more popular. It makes sense – what’s prettier than the beach? However, although a beach wedding will create some stunning memories for you, your spouse-to-be, and your guests, you will need to spend some extra time on planning […]

Optimize Your Wedding

How to Optimize Your Wedding for Photography Services

Shooting wedding photography can be very difficult. There are so many factors that you have to keep track of that it can be impossible to try and do it all by yourself. A wedding is a very special event that you want to make sure you capture at the right moments. Unfortunately, an inexperienced photographer is the one who goes in alone and doesn’t make preparations. Fortunately, we have a guide that will help you optimize your wedding for photography […]

Getting Married on a Cruise Ship

Pros and Cons of Getting Married on a Cruise Ship

In your quest to create lasting memories on your wedding day, you may want to choose a spectacular venue. Instead of having your wedding in the usual wedding venues, why not arrange for a cruise ship wedding? This is an idea that’ll see you looking through dozens of wedding destinations.   Some top cruise ship destinations to consider are Hungary, the Glacier Bay in Alaska and Austria.  You can never forget the memories of exchanging your wedding vows in the open […]

wedding photo timeline

Don’t Miss a Perfect Shot: Creating a Wedding Photo Timeline

Your wedding day is a truly special day.  You’ll want to capture every sweet, romantic moment so that you can treasure it for years.  One way to make sure that you don’t miss a moment is to create a wedding photo timeline.  This helps you plan specific moments throughout the day and ensure that enough time is allotted for each activity.  Your wedding day will fly by quickly and you want to enjoy every moment.  Also, many times wedding run […]

family portrait

Family portrait | Questions & Answers

What is a family portrait? Family portrait is a gift that keeps on giving. One of the best ways to prepare for some excitement with fond memories is to have professional family portraits planned out for an event or holiday.  Family portrait can capture special moment with those you care for most.  They can be treasured memories for the family with photos others can also enjoy.  Family photography can be a smart way to get all of your photos organized […]

wedding photography checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist | Free PDF Download

We’ve compiled a downloadable wedding photography checklist for wedding photographers to consider and do before shooting a wedding to help make it easier, reduce the stress of forgetting something, and provide you with a list of shots that the couple may be looking for. It’s important to remember that each couple is different, and will have different expectations on what you capture. The wedding day is one of the biggest days in a person’s life, and as their photographer, you […]

Maternity Photoshoot – Everything You Need To Know

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times in life. Capturing the look of your baby bump before it disappears is an important part of the process. Scheduling a maternity photoshoot will preserve the precious memory of your pregnancy for years to come. However, it can be overwhelming to find the right maternity photographer, knowing how to prepare, and what to expect. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate and plan for an amazing maternity photoshoot. When and […]

Engagement Photography Tips

Many engaged couples wish to capture their fresh and growing love for each other by taking sensational engagement pictures. The planning to be married couple can find a professional photographer to do these shots by researching local photography studios. Read on for some excellent engagement photography tips that every photographer should try and every engaged couple should know. Doing this can help to ensure that the finished pictures will convey the deep love and affection each person has for their […]

Miami wedding venues

100+ Miami Wedding Venues (Updated for 2020)

Miami offers an amazing variety of absolutely unforgettable wedding venues. From elegant and sophisticated to rustic and unique, our Magic City has it all. Selecting a perfect wedding venue should be enjoyable and fun for a couple. Below you will find a list of 100+ Miami wedding venues to choose from alongside with few important tips to make your selection go smooth. Plan Ahead Most popular and trendy wedding venues get booked very fast. If you wish to have a better […]

Wedding Planning Should Build Love Between A Couple

A wedding is a sacred way to unite a couple.  The important process of wedding planning should build love between a couple.  It is much nicer if the planning is done in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable.  As some people know, social event planning takes some good coordination skills.  Being prepared makes this much simpler and many people can appreciate helpful tips from other couples that have been successful at planning an enjoyable wedding.  When planning out the […]

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