Miami Engagement Photography

Miami Engagement Photography

After many years of Miami engagement photography, I can say with certainty that every couple is unique. There aren’t two couples alike nor are there two couples that want the same outcome from a Miami engagement photo session.

Seeing two people in love about to embark on the journey that is marriage has the tenancy of putting a smile on your face. You can feel the enthusiasm, the purity, and honesty in their eyes.

Engagement photography represents the pure joy the couple is experiencing and it is always as original as can be. When you factor out so many negative, or stressful aspects the outcome has the tendency to change into something wonderful.

Miami engagement photography  is different from wedding photography because there are zero stress factors. There isn’t an audience with eyes on you. With engagement photography, there is as much time as you want to perfect any moment and pose you want. There is no one there to rush you.

One of the best parts of having a best Miami engagement photography session is that you are practically home, in your backyard, in comparison to destination engagement photography sessions. The engagement photo session can take place in any spot that you wish to be captured in. Maybe you want to go back to the spot where the proposal took place and have it relieved and captured. Maybe there is a destination that has meaning to the both of you. You can have your engagement photography session where you had your first date. The possibilities are endless and up to the imagination.

Meeting with the couple beforehand is a personal touch that I live by. There are plenty of things to discuss and settle on. Lighting is an important factor, best hours to have the engagement photography session depending on the location. There are tips I can share with you and help you out with.

Being a Miami Engagement Photographers is something that I know my clients take personally, considering it is a very intimate moment between two people that love each other – and ME. This is why meeting with the couple is important, I need my clients to know that they can relax and feel like themselves around me.

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