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Miami Engagement Photographers

You’ve just gotten engaged!  You’ve found that one person who stands out above all others, and now it’s time to start planning the wedding of your dreams to celebrate your love and solidify your commitment.  Some of the wonderful things about a wedding include sharing your own meaningful ceremony with your loved ones and all those closest to you, and creating memories you’ll look back on with warmth and joy.  Capture the glow of your engagement forever with a set of beautiful engagement photographs commemorating this once-in-a-lifetime moment of bliss.  After many years of shooting Miami engagement photography, we can say with certainty that every couple is unique. There aren’t two couples alike nor are there two couples that want the same outcome from a engagement photo sessionFor spectacular images that best highlight your unique style as a couple, leave it to professional Miami engagement photographers who are not only experienced in creating the right ambiance and getting that impromptu magic down on film, but also bring lots of fresh ideas to the table for your engagement photographs.

Engagement photography in Miami

Engagement photography represents the pure joy the couple is experiencing and it is always as original as can be. Engagement photography in Miami will take all the stress out of the process of arranging the beautiful location, the idyllic mood, the spontaneity of the moment, and the technical artistry, and leave you with the fun of simply spending time with your significant other.  Our staff is passionate about bringing your love story to life on film so that you end up with an invaluable lasting record of you and your loved one at the height of your romantic story, with wistful affection lighting your smiles from within.  We’re known for setting the mood with our own infectious positive attitudes.  As a matter of fact, engagement photography Miami sessions feel like a date for the two of you, full of your own natural chemistry and spark, with the addition of a photographer in the background.  We really just try to set it up for you to be able to be yourselves, relax, and enjoy the fun of making some romantic memories.

Your Miami Engagement Photo Session Locations

Your Miami engagement photo session can take place in variety of amazing location available in our gorgeous City of Miami. Maybe you want to go back to the spot where the proposal took place and have it relieved and captured. Maybe there is a destination that has meaning to the both of you. You can have your engagement photography session where you had your first date. The possibilities are endless and up to the imagination. The Miami area offers a variety of strikingly beautiful choices as far as ambiance, and you can trust our Miami engagement photographers to play them to advantage.  From sophisticated museums to varied architectural backgrounds to dreamlike gardens to the many different picturesque waterside settings Miami brings to mind, let’s work together and collaborate to come up with your favorite setup from the myriad scenes the beautiful city of Miami has to offer.  Our engagement photographers are familiar with the ins and outs of this vast metropolis and can let you know about all the spots you have to choose from, whether you’re looking for popular, recognizable scenery or an unusual, out-of-the-way place.  Choosing your backdrop will add character and flavor to the photograph just as your unique vibe as a couple will, so allow our Miami engagement photography specialists to lend our expertise and give you a result you’ll be delighted with.

Surprise Engagement in Miami

We can even capture the moment of your engagement if you plan to surprise your partner with a proposal and want pictures of this sacred moment between the two of you that will be treasured more and more in the coming years.  If you’d like help or suggestions we stand ready to offer lots of possibilities learned from our years of experience.  You lead the way, and we’ll help you set up what you want. We respond to your inquiries and requests promptly and will be sure to get back to you in a timely fashion; we know this is an important time in your life and you are likely juggling plans with multiple vendors and sorting through your own brimming catalog of ideas and inspiration.  We understand!  Leave it to us to think of the details, such as the time of day you might prefer your Miami photo shoot and what type of lighting that will create.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our goal is to deliver your expertly-edited results to you on a timely, efficient schedule, so we will process them and get them back to you as quickly as we can.  We believe in clear communication about the setup, the process, and the entire business transaction, so please feel free to ask any questions along the way.

We make it easy to show the beautiful results of your shoot to family and friends.  When your images are ready, you will receive a customized web gallery so that you will be able to download, print, and share any pictures you wish.  Typically couples get about 50 to 100 images from a session, edited by our skilled staff and delivered to you as soon as possible.  Our aim is to give you a variety of photographs to choose from, so we recommend that both of you bring along a change of clothes to the shoot.  We want to showcase as many facets of your style as possible.  Our experienced team of photographers and our staff will take care of all the details of arranging the shoot and perfect the images afterward to bring out the best results from the scenery, lighting, and the centerpiece of all the photographs - the two of you!

If you are new to the idea, engagement photography is a wonderful opportunity for many reasons.  This is a great chance to capture the moment when all the joy began and you first decided on your commitment together.  The occasion is also an excellent way to introduce an expert Miami wedding photographer to your particular look and style as a couple, and to your ideas and the way you want your pictures to look.  You and your fiance can get accustomed to being in front of the camera and will be well-versed on the process by the time of the wedding.  If you love your engagement photos as well as the fun, ease, and efficiency we bring to the whole process, let our Miami engagement photographer document all the unforgettable moments on your wedding day!

Have a question for Engagement photographer Miami?  Look through our frequently asked questions for more information, read engagement photography tips blog post or simply contact us to speak with our staff.

FAQ for Miami Engagement

Q: How long is a typical engagement photography session?

A: Our Miami engagement photography session usually lasts about 90 minutes. We can also customize an engagement session to fit your needs.

Q: How fast will we receive images from our Miami engagement photography session ?

A: Very fast. We guarantee delivery of the final image gallery within 5 business days. When possible, we like to share a sneak peek with our couples the same or next day.

Q: How many photos are usually included in Miami engagement photography session ?

A: Normally over 150 pictures are included in a package after a 90-minute shoot.

Q: Where do most Miami engagement photo sessions take place?

A: We suggest on-location photography sessions to take advantages of the myriad elegant and sophisticated settings the city has to offer.  We can help with narrowing down the selection if you would like.

Q: Should we bring a change of clothes?

A: We recommend bringing along one change of clothes so we can capture a wider window of your style.

Q: Is there an ideal time of day for outdoor engagement photography in Miami?

A: We can make many times of the day work, but golden hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset casts an amazing glow and flatters skin tones.

Q: How long after our engagement should we schedule our photography session?

A: As soon as possible is best for setting up your engagement photography session.  Let Miami engagement photographer catch the excitement on your face right away!  Give yourselves a fun, romantic photo session before the hectic rush of wedding planning begins!

Q: Can you photograph the surprise proposal in Miami that I am planning?

A: Of course we can!  Just fill us in on your plan and we will get it captured.  And if you want help, we love love stories and we know the Miami area well.  We can even suggest ideas for you!

Q: Do you offer other types of photography?

A: Yes!  We are happy to photograph weddings , family photos and variety of additional special events and milestones