Females For Profit 2018 | CIC Miami

Females For Profit | CIC Miami

Find your Message, Build Your Tribe, And Change the World... Females For Profit event that was held on Saturday, October 13th 2018 at CIC Miami was a day of female collaboration at its best! The event was led by Bethany Martinez, Founder of Females For Profit who created the event out of necessity to bring women together to discuss ways to collaborate, gain professional skills, and leave with a new network of women who are like minded. The event highlighted local female businesses along with an engaging panel discussion focused on the discovery of your WHY and how to invest in yourself to achieve financial stability and personal success! The event wrapped up with a fire side conversation between Bethany and Teresa Kinney, CEO of The Miami Association of Realtors. The event orchestrated the purpose behind passion and encouraged women to find balance between the chaos of the many roles women play in their day to day lives! Women left the event with a new tribe to call their own!

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